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Ildiko von SomogyiI find the intense saturated colors in nature transporting, like a stained glass window in a church. However, personally I relate to the universal energy of love through the window of nature. My goal is to share the beauty and wonder with you so that you may benefit from the direct relationship as I have. Perhaps make some connections and discoveries of your own.

Even in the most dense and cosmopolitan cities, I have noticed, the natural world grows. In every crack and crevice where light and water are available, as if to say “I am reaching out”, reminding us to grow and flourish. To show our colors without fear the way nature does.Ildiko in hawaii

As in a healthy love affair, which if we let it, allows each person to grow in the beauty and strength… to shine, shine, shine. This is the birthright which we may have forgotten, but are somehow reminded of when we look upon natural beauty. Perhaps this is why flowers make us smile. We want to inhale them deeply, to take some of their essence with us.

Nature instills in us a sense of renewal, repeating cycles and seasons. The dance of growth, death and rebirth gives us comfort. To be reminded of this we need but look around and take note. Just in case you have forgotten, here are some images as a reminder that we can learn something from the natural world.

Ildiko von Somogyi in paris
Personally, my love of nature stems from the belief that in the natural world there is light, dark, both twisted and smooth. All colors without judgment or fear are simply included, and everything moves forward. I admire and aspire to this aspect of being, so rare in our universe. My hope is that I can plant a seed in you, that someday you also may follow by example this natural way of being. I mean to say that everything and everyone, no matter how great or small had something to contribute. This is what makes up our natural world – as it is – whole. And we are all a part of this whole.

Ildiko von Somogyi